Member Group

Nominating and Scholarship Committee

Serves as the information source for open Board Positions and available Scholarship Opportunities. Collects applications, reviews and validates candidates, ensures timely process of applicants.

Sponsorship Committee

Assist with monthly raffles. Request for in-kind donations from members and non-members for annual silent auction. Solicit for any Sponsorship levels.

Instillation and Professional Development/ Awards Committee

Assist in pursuing a venue for Annual Gala. Ensure scholarship winners and all member accomplishments are mentioned. Help with community outreach (i.e. toy drive). Assist with silent auction bid sheets and securing in-kind donations.

Day of Education Committee

Assist with Day of Education – registration, printing program booklet, coordinating speaker PowerPoint presentations and other assignments as required.

Volunteer Committee

You will be asked to help out on small tasks within a project or a specific event. Usually a short term, one-time commitment.