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Community Partnership

GBTA South Florida has partnered with Voices for Children of Broward County.

Voices for Children has been serving Broward County’s most vulnerable children since 2011. Our mission is to ensure that every abused, neglected and abandoned child in Broward County has a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem and that financial resources are available for each child’s accompanying health, educational, and social needs.

To accomplish this mission, Voices works with the 17th circuit court and the Guardian ad Litem.  The children we serve have an open and active dependency court case and we work to meet each of their essential needs during this transitional period and to give them a voice throughout the entire court proceedings by working with the appointed volunteer Guardian ad Litem.  Some of our initiatives are as follows:

Our School Break Food Program provides healthy, nutritious food for dependent children when free or reduced price school meals are not available.

Our Dream BIG Days are an opportunity at least twice a year to have an event with their Guardians to have fun and feel like a normal child.  Our events are educational, enriching, fun, and foster trust and bonding with their assigned Guardian ad Litem.

We provide financial resources for emergencies, normalcy, education, and caregiver needs.

We provide funding for Guardian ad Litem volunteer recruitment, retention, and training programs.  The Guardian ad Litem for each child protects that child by being the voice in court, representing the child's best interests.

We provide Sunshine Club packages for the child's birthday.  Children who are temporarily placed with low-income relatives often do not celebrate their birthday like most children due to the family's lack of disposable income.  We provide a gift and a small box of party favors to these children to help make each child feel special.

Our backpack drive makes sure that each child returning to school in the fall is able to receive a backpack full of school supplies if he or she needs one.

We have designed a safe and child friendly environment in the new courthouse through the creation of two rooms specifically designed for children to use while waiting for court hearings.  This eliminates the chance of children becoming confused or afraid when prisoners are brought in shackles through the courthouse hallways.  Unfortunately, sometimes the prisoner is the child's own parent.  Comfortable furniture, educational materials, toys and stuffed animals are in each room to make the child's wait more comfortable.  Often court hearings start late due to delays in previous hearings on the docket.  The courthouse rooms allow the children to wait in comfort, and help them to focus on other things rather than on their upcoming court appearance.

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