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Membership Renewals and Applications: 

Membership is open to all individuals who are engaged in travel, transportation, lodging and associated professions, whether as a buyer or supplier, or by servicing the business travel industry.  Please fill out our online New Member Application

Please note that this application is for New Members only.  Online membership renewals for Current Members can be paid in the Members Only section of our website.

GBTA South Florida 2021 Membership Contact:

Claudine Gallagher
ABC Global Services
Tel:    (561) 300-6688
e-mail: [email protected]



Mission Statement:

The Global Business Travel Association, South Florida Chapter (GBTA So Florida) is the authoritative voice of Business Travel Management in South Florida. Our resources are dedicated to providing a forum for the constructive exchange of information and ideas amongst our members. We are committed to enhancing the image of the travel manager and the educational advancement of our members.

Founded in 1990, GBTA South Florida is an organization dedicated to advancing the interests of the corporate travel industry. As the collective voice of this industry for Florida, we support and represent our core constituents of corporate travel managers and associated travel services by providing tools, information and networks required for effective business travel management.

Why Join:

Programs and Education: GBTA – South Florida devotes the bulk of our resources to the education and professional skill development of our members.  Understanding that corporate business travel is at the crossroads of change, GBTA  South Florida believes that a complete and intimate knowledge of the travel industry is crucial to the success of its members.  Throughout the year, educational programs are held on a wide variety of topics affecting business travel management; from new developments in technology to changes in local and national purchasing trends.

Networking:  Success in any business begins with establishing relationships with professionals in its industry.  By actively participating in monthly eat and enlighten programs and other exciting events, GBTA South Florida members network and establish the professional relationships necessary for success.  Promoting the healthy exchange of ideas and information, GBTA South Florida enthusiastically welcomes the challenges of the 21st century and vigorously represents and supports the needs and interests of those involved in the fields of business travel.

Volunteerism and Leadership:  At the core of GBTA  South Florida are volunteers who form our Board of Directors and committees.  These accomplished and respected professionals in the travel management industry, focus on specific issues which will affect our members.  Because we are a collection of interested and motivated individuals, our members have the opportunity to actively participate in the functioning of GBTA South Florida, gain experience to grow professionally, and assume leadership positions.  By providing an information network where those pursuing careers in travel management can associate closely with industry leaders on important issues, GBTA South Florida is the ideal organization for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds to work together and affect real and lasting change in an important aspect of the local business community.

Membership Types:

  • Direct Membership shall be limited to any person regularly employed to 1) procure business travel services for employees of the corporation or organizations, or 2) promulgate and administer business travel policies for the corporation or organization.  Direct members shall have all voting rights and may hold elective office within the Association.  Direct membership may be transferred within a company by submitting a formal request by email to [email protected] and paying a $50 name change fee.

  • Allied Membership is open to any person who is responsible for directing the business conducted by the following companies: Auto Rental, Bus, Certified Air Carrier, Charge Card, Credit Card, Cruise Line, Hotel, Motel, Railroad, Travel Related Automation Company, Travel Management Consulting Firms, Travel Management Companies and other travel professional services firms or associations. Allied membership shall have all voting rights unless otherwise specified herein, and may hold elective office within the Association. Allied membership may be transferred within a company by submitting a formal request by email to [email protected] and paying a $50 name change fee.

  • Community Corporate Membership is open to any corporation, under the Allied or Direct category, that wishes to enroll up to four members based at the same location for a reduced annual membership fee.

  •  Academic Membership shall be limited to any full-time post-secondary student or faculty at a college, university, or other post-secondary institution which is recognized by the Association leading to a degree or certificate in travel, transportation, or hospitality management. Academic members may not vote, hold elective office or chair a committee. They may attend all meetings at a reduced rate.  Membership is not transferable.

  • Honorary Lifetime Membership shall be limited to members of good standing, who retire from employment on a full-time basis. Lifetime membership may be appointed to such members by a majority vote of the membership. Lifetime membership shall have all rights and privileges of the Association with the exception of voting rights and holding an elective office. There shall be no assessment of dues and such member shall remain on the mailing list and roster designated as "Honorary Lifetime Member” 

Membership Dues:

Please refer to our available sponsorships before deciding your membership level. As your desired sponsorship level may include an annual membership!

$175 New Allied Member

$175 New Direct Member

$175 Allied Renewal
$175 Direct Member Renewal

$50 Name Change   
$25 Academic Membership 
$500 Community Corporate Membership